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I am not really sure if you have watched a lot of Chinese pornstars getting their tight holes stretched by throbbing cocks. Well, I am here to help you gain some knowledge with this article and tell you about all the gorgeous pornstars from China who have made a huge name for themselves in the industry.

While researching for this list, I came to a conclusion that I really like Chinese pornstars as I discovered that I have watched and enjoyed their performances a lot of times. Plus, just about every male, whose penis likes cumming to girls of uncommon beauty and excellence, also seems to be a fan of this cum-addicted starlets! So, it was only natural for me to create this list and that is why you are staring at this article.

Here you will find some of the best Chinese pornstars to have worked in the industry and read about their abilities and their performances. Also Read: Best Japanese Pornstars. Them boobs are the best part of her by far and best chinese pornstars them, Jade would be akin to the slut down the block who sucks the cock of the neighborhood guys just cos she occasionally likes the taste of man steak! Watch Jade Feng best chinese pornstars Pornhub Premium! Her 32B all-natural titties do not seem to know what gravity is all about and she is one of the most avid cock-sucking sluts you will find on this list.

Asia Zo is bisexual and fully nasty. Watch Asia Zo on Pornhub Premium! Is your cock ready to dive into cunt anew and cum to paradise? This slut ticks just about every box your dirty mind can imagine and is petite, slim, sexy, beautiful, and amazing to the last squirting inch!

Sweet Nancy rocks a lovely pair of 36D natural boobies and has the kind of meaty booty you could cuddle up to during the coldest nights in the North Pole and be warmer than a hot box! She also likes touching herself, though she will let a fella do that if he has a capable cock that can send her G-spot into overdrive!

Watch Nancy Ho on Pornhub Premium! This petite MILF has massive fake titties and a booty with more meat to it than you would find in a delicatessen! Ava could easily be the most depraved slut in this listing and is so cock-hungry that even multiple BBCs struggle to keep up with her ravenous appetite!

All her holes have been speared and washed out with jism onscreen and her cunt has seen more cocks in it than many a proctologist get to handle in the entirety of their careers! Watch Ava Devine on Brazzers. Her fresh good looks win this hazel-eyed sluts lots of devotees, and boy, does that make her happy! Her titties are real and a fuller and more upright set of jugs you will struggle to find.

This tattooed freak was born to get her cunt stretched to the max, best chinese pornstars stretched beyond limits it gets, to the glory of every cumming being! Watch Callie Cyprus on Brazzers. Eva Angelina is one hottie with Chinese ancestry who began showing up in porn soon after her 18th birthday.

Eva is years old, tattooed, pierced, and never seems to be in the mood to take prisoners! This girl, her bitchy face, massive fake tits, and fat pussy is one of the most iconic sights in porn and if you have never seen her get screwed into the ground then you missed out on a lot! Watch Eva Angelina on Brazzers. Never mind how Miko Lee screams and fights, she loves the D more than most of the Chinese pornstars on this list and is only putting on a show!

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Dear Miko is a sexy and leggy beauty, with a behind so perky it begs to be squeezed and smothered with affection, plus enhanced D-cup jugs that look like they contain all the milk in the world! The holes on this slut have seen some determined pounding by some of the heftiest artillery to ever grow from a male groin and Miko just seems to magically soak up all the action and squeak about wanting more of the same soon! Watch Miko Lee on Brazzers. Kobe Tai sure is a wonder on wheels!

Kobe is a years old brunette babe and back in the days dominated the Asian porn niche like few other stars were able to. Her best assets apart from her pretty face were her fat cunt and full but fake tits, with her pouty mouth being well capable of sucking blood from a cock if need be! Watch Kobe Tai on Pornhub Premium! Katanas are supposed to be one of the sharpest and deadliest swords around, though I would argue that Katana the pornstar is far more deadly and certainly very orgasmic! Her booty is a national asset in her hometown, with this piece of real estate forming a bubble butt of unparalleled perfection!

Katana eats both cunt and cock for a living and she does have this habit of exotically moaning that simply makes you lose all control of that anaconda in your pants that you have been petting! Watch Katana on RealityKings. Mika Tan is a meaty model and one of the premier Chinese pornstars.

Mika is years old and has been squirting jism on dick for what seems to be centuries. Watch Mika Tan on Brazzers. Jessie sure is a looker, with a washboard stomach, tiny booty, and very perky 34B tits that are more natural than that apple you are chewing! Extremely versatile, talented, flexible, and supremely naughty, this blonde pornstar just goes to town on a dick and rides it like it is a matter of supreme importance and happiness! Yes, she fucks like she wants to use the money to pay your rent this month, so give her some applause!

Watch Jessie Andrews on Brazzers. Watch Shae Summers on Brazzers. Riding a beauty like Evelyn Lin with all my might is just the way I want to go when the time comes! Evelyn is a rather cute best chinese pornstars with a heart-shaped face you wish you could wake up to and sit on, plus a body so curvy it makes you think thoughts so sinful and dirty all the saints are obliged to dry fast on your behalf for a month! Her boobies are all best chinese pornstars of natural and pert enough to make your woody point further at the sky in anticipation, while her booty is tight and small. Evelyn and all her holes are available for the most detailed exploration, a fact my cock will testify to with all possible glee!

Watch Evelyn Lin on Brazzers. Tiffany Rain ed the adult industry and started sucking cocks for a living in and is pretty enough to make your girlfriend worried about your future together! Tiffany has long legs aplenty, big boobs aplenty, and skills aplenty, though her knockers are surgically enhanced.

Watch Tiffany Rain on Brazzers. Ever wondered how Asian women can pass for teens when they are actually far older than they look? Well, perhaps Lexi Mansfield can be persuaded to explain just how that magic happens! Cum to her all ye with throbbing dicks and she will turn that woody of yours into a deadly cannon you can be proud of! Watch Lexi Mansfield on RealityKings. Sweet legs, a very pretty and innocent face, a svelte and incredibly sexy body, plus natural 34B mammaries are what this Chinese pornstar brings to the table.

Best chinese pornstars is years old and she started her porn journey back in She effortlessly looks only the barest bit legal and her bedroom eyes draw you in and make you wonder how many holes you can drill in the wall with your woody! This sweetie is actually quite famous as she likes a little bit of rough sex, and very frequently gets annihilated by oak trees so big and thick and long they should have been cut down and made into furniture! Watch Alina Li on Brazzers.

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Whenever cumlo are being distributed by frothing cocks, Kianna Dior is always at the forefront taking more than her fair share and reveling in the action. This year old pornstar with massive milk bags has the most eager appetite for hard meat that I have ever seen in my career! Kianna is a major slut, with her boobs craving cock as much as her wet slit does!

Kianna is still active and has no plans to retire so long as hard boners are willing to give her a good fucking time! Watch Kianna Dior on Brazzers. Honey Gold is a year old beauty and adult model who could pass for a goddess if you squint hard enough! Brown-haired, black-eyed, and rocking natural B-cup size titties, plus a bubble butt you would give your arm to pat, Honey Gold just gets you so worked up you feel obliged to hold tight to your dick lest something happens to it! This beauty is bisexual and she loves deepthroating huge best chinese pornstars just as much as she loves biting perky nipples and licking wet cunts!

Watch Honey Gold on Brazzers.

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So, it was only natural for her to be among the top Chinese pornstars right now! Lulu happens to be immensely cute and lovable, plus so best chinese pornstars you want to pick her up, spank her a little bit, and chew over her fat pussy for the rest of the day!

Watch Lulu Chu on Brazzers. Jade was born in China, but came to the US as a toddler. She has been ed up to some of the biggest names in porn and has one of the lushest and all-natural sets of tits on this list. This alluring piece of jade frequently gets an over-long cock stuck in her tight holes and riding it till the cumming eruption and screeching like a faulty locomotive is what she does very well indeed! Watch Jade Kush on Brazzers. So, that was the list featuring all the gorgeous sluts from China, or of Chinese descent! But, I tried my best to come up with the most perfect list featuring only the hottest Chinese pornstars.

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