Adult toy games

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Why should kids have all the fun?

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Being an adult shouldn't condemn you to yawn-inducing gifts like socks and sweaters. From nostalgic games to unexpected gadgetswe've tracked down cool toys that have plenty of appeal for the young at heart. Lego lovers and Star Wars fanatics will adore this intricate Millennium Falcon set, which features over 1, pieces and includes cool details like a movable ramp, cockpit and gun turrets.

This plywood safe starts out as an elaborate 3D puzzle that can be assembled without glue or tools, and becomes a conversation piece that can keep small valuables away from prying eyes. It even adult toy games a working three- combination lock. Everyone's favorite stacking game gets a gets a super-sized twist with Jenga Giant. The 54 hardwood pieces stack to over 5 feet tall, making it an ideal grown-up party game, whether indoors or outside.

A heavy-duty bag is included for easier cleanup and storage when the fun is over. Building-toy fans who want something more interactive than Legos will be wowed by this massive set, which features 8, pieces. The resulting Ferris wheel is 6 feet tall, and includes a plug-in motor with an AC adapter. The kit comes in two boxes with easy-to-follow full-color instructions. K'Nex is among a handful toy companies that put an emphasis on making its products in the U. A good game of chess can take some time to get through and, in adult toy games meantime, take up valuable real estate on a table.

But hang your chess board up on the wall, and you can noodle over your next move as long as you want. This birch plywood and solid oak set makes for a conversation piece with guests, and a handsome piece of wall art, as well. An at-home putting green is not novel, but what makes this one different is that it can be operated on batteries — meaning it can easily be used outdoors — and it automatically returns the ball to you whether you sink it or not.

It features a regulation-sized hole and two hazards. It might take a bit of masochism to want to put this puzzle together, but that just goes to prove that there is a puzzle out there for every personality type. If you have fond childhood memories of looking at wild animals, cartoon characters, and space scenes through the View Master, here's the 21st century version. One your viewer arrives in the mail, use the redemption code to order a customized reel of your very own favorite snapshots. Reviewers call it a "thoughtful, creative" gift. Virtual reality offers new thrills for even the hard-to-impress gamer, and the Oculus Quest makes it easy to interact with a virtual world.

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Around 50 games are included with the system, and the "all-in-one" part means that you don't need a computer to run the device. You can also use it to watch movies, Netflix, and other streaming content. Related : Fun Gifts for the Entire Family.

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This lightweight, easy-to-use metal detector will locate coins, jewelry, tools, and other items. It has a pinpoint detection feature to help distinguish items of value as deep as 12 inches down. It also comes with a two-year warranty. Related : Great Tech Gifts for Seniors. This 1,piece jigsaw riddle is a brain benefit on two levels, working the parts of your noggin that drive strategy and problem-solving, while also allowing for a little serotonin release every time you fondly remember one of the toys it depicts, such as Chatty Cathy, Play-Doh, Inchworm, Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots, and many more.

File this one under adult toy games 3D printers for hobbyists and anyone who just wants to create. The FlashForge Finder has a novice-friendly color touchscreen; a slide-in, non-heated build plate; and a seamless WiFi connection that means users don't have to fuss with wires or cords when pairing the printer and their computer.

Let 'em bring out their inner LeBron with this arcade shootout game. It comes with seven balls and has eight options for indoor hoops competitions. No one's ever too old for a Spirograph, and this piece kit is the ultimate gift for an artsy grown-up who might be bored with adult coloring. Interchangeable spiro tracks allow the creation of all kinds of new patterns, and there's even a die-cast wheel that commemorates the toy's 50th anniversary. RVR's powerful motor and all-terrain tires will let you drive it, via a smartphone or tablet, just about anywhere.

It also has a suite of sensors and can be further customized with most 3rd party hardware. Paired with an iPad Prothe pressure-sensitive Apple Pencil can turn a tablet into a sketch pad or a fine-art canvas. Pressing harder or softer can produce thicker adult toy games thinner lines, and tilting the pencil allows users to create shading.

It also has an impressive battery life and charges wirelessly by magnetically attaching to the side of your tablet.

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Available in four colors, this floating byfoot platform allows the party to travel off the pool deck or boat and onto the water. Made of heavy-duty PVC, each platform can hold up to six adults and allows standing or walking. More than one platform can be zipped together for even more room, too. Who needs snow and slopes when this electric snowboard with wheels offers sustained thrills at up to 25 mph?

You don't have to be a kid to enjoy Nerf guns, especially souped-up models like the Rival Nemesis, which a reviewer for Blaster Hub called "everything I expected and more. The set includes the blaster, two round magazines, 24 high-impact rounds, and two clips that attach to the tactical rail. This party game will frustrate even the best artists — while making those around them shake with laughter.

It's styled after games like Pictionary, only the drawer must depict images using a pencil attached to a prosthetic nose which in turn is attached to silly-looking glasses. As the product descriptions asks: "Can you draw a trout with your snout? How about a rose with your nose? Is that special someone looking longingly at your toddler's hopper ball?

Get them their own. The inch Waliki Toys Hopper Ball is specially made for grown-ups, with a sturdy handle. Made from PVC-free rubber, it includes a double-action pump for quick inflation and comes in several colors. Want to ride a horse or a unicorn? Nab the plush version and to make some dreams come true. Got a fitness junkie in your life who also doesn't mind looking a little goofy? These springy boots are actually athletic shoes that claim to reduce the impact on muscles and ts and give those wearing them a full-body workout.

Amazon reviewers note that the fun-factor of these boots got them off the couch and into a more active lifestyle. Self-balancing scooters didn't quite revolutionize personal transportation like early buzz predicted, but they sure are fun. The hoverboard-like Ninebot has adult toy games knee control bar for steering, pneumatic tires for a smoother ride, and a pound alloy frame that is light enough for easy carrying and storage. It can travel up to 10 mph and, fully charged, run for nearly 14 miles.

Related : 21 Luxury Gifts Worth the Splurge. This high-tech reboot of Capture the Flag is guaranteed fun for any age. Instead of flags, chase glowing adult toy games after the sun goes down.

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Colored markers let players mark playing territory and jails for members of the opposing team, while glow bracelets make it easy to figure out who's who. It also has an HD camera and night vision to livestream video of your dog, a barking alert, and two-way audio.

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Related: Gifts for Dog-Obsessed Humans. A guaranteed head-turner, the Vurtego V4 Pro is a serious pogo stick for adults who want to show off. Available in three sizes — medium works for riders up to 5-foot, large is best for 6 feet and beyond — the V4 Pro can let users bounce more than 10 feet in the air. It's best to grab a helmet, too. Turn a car into a stage for the passengers, of course. This wireless microphone pairs with an FM station on a car radio via Bluetooth or an AUX cord and provides up to six hours of use before the battery needs to be recharged.

Get a massage while gaming? Now that's multitasking!

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This pound chair comes in five colors and includes two back and two lumbar massage points as well as eight massage modes, and adjustable massage strength, positions, and time. Why not mix things up with a three-dimensional puzzle? This one features 43 translucent crystal pieces that fit together to form a classic bath time toy.

Here's a gift they can share with the family. At 66 inches long, this U. And let's be honest — there are few activities that transport us back to childhood as faithfully as sledding. Cheapism may earn a commission if you buy through a link on our site. Saundra Latham December 07, Prices and availability are subject to change. Buy on. Espresso Machines Elizabeth Sheer. Funny Gag Gifts Danny Jensen.

American Made Gifts Saundra Latham. Behind every budget is a bucket list.

Adult toy games

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