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Unique to the imageboard is the lack of the default Anonymous name, instead using names through random selection. This in various anons going by handles such as Barnaby Shittingwood or Reuben Fuckerton, as well as names generated from video games, wrestling characters and the like. Originally there was a site called chan.

It was better, and soon surpassed chan. Hal Turner was relentlessly attacked for months, wherein Kirtaner hacked his domain to redirect his sites to chan in February with Hal taking two days to regain ownership. The show was unlistenable for 10 weeks due to denial of service attacks, the March 7 episode was two hours of pure absurdity as 420 chan was friendly to Anonymous and allowing everyone to call in to say hello. This event ended with Hal posting the episode MP3 on chan. Most end up mistaking this news segment as covering 4chan despite no such board existing there, leading to explosive and unmanageable mainstream popularity, and the Eternal September.

I was talking to some friends and one of them came up with "chan", a stupid combination of my penis and drugs. I decide to use this suggestion, and register it as a joke domain many many moons ago. Since then a lot of people bitched at me to do something with the domain, so I did.

And you're looking at it. There are four types of people who 420 chan on chan: druggies, antisocial intellectuals, wrestling fans and horny teenagers. To sum up all the boards into 4there are 13 boards dedicated for every fucking drug that exists, a wrestling board which is the most popular board on the site, some for intellectual bullshit like science and politics, and the porn sections, of which "Hentai" is depressingly popular with Narato fans and the like.

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420 chan

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